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Furniture Disposal in NJ

Furniture Disposal in New Jersey


So, picture the scene. You’re up to your eyeballs in trash and you can’t see the floor for the amount of furniture cluttering up your house. We’re not judging you here, it happens. We’ve all been there. I suppose it’s possible you’ve ended up in the situation for completely innocent reasons. Maybe you’re just hoping to replace some old furniture, or you’ve recently renovated your kitchen and can’t quite shift the debris now filling your yard.

In either case, Junkin’ Irishman has got you covered. Operating since 2004, Junkin’ Irishman has led the way for junk removal in the New Jersey area. Priding itself on providing a great customer experience, Junkin’ Irishman is a company that won’t shy away from tackling the big jobs as much as the small.

For anybody who has ever moved into a property that was formerly rented, you’ll know it can quickly become a nightmare as you uncover more and more junk and furniture that has been left to you to deal with. One quick call to Junkin’ Irishman might be all you need to get things moving again. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving in, moving out or dealing with an estate settlement, Junkin’ Irishman not only have the tools and trucks you need to get that property cleared out, they are the leaders in New Jersey cleanout services, which guarantees your home will end up looking great.

Likewise, if you’ve found yourself staring at a trash heap after weeks of construction or demolition work, the last thing you’re going to want to do is spend another few days clearing the debris out of your home or yard. If you live in the New Jersey area, you’ll struggle to find such a dedicated team of professionals willing to clear your property at cost to suit you. Junkin’ Irishman isn’t just a group of movers, you can be assured that their professional team will make sure your property is cleaned up and meets code.

It isn’t just your floor that will be easy to see. When signing up for Junkin’ Irishman services, you can expect a clear, concise estimate for the work requested way before the job begins. There are no hidden charges, no confusing terminology and no drama. You will be treated with the utmost respect and we believe in ethical business practices. Junkin’ Irishman will never overcharge for their services and will always go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction.

So whether you’re looking for hoarder house cleanout, furniture removal, attic cleanout, shed removals and even debris collection, Junkin’ Irishman’s team of experienced professionals are there to take out the trash in an affordable and friendly manner. Just pick up the phone and give Junkin’ Irishman a call – or send a picture of the junk that needs shifting – and they’ll soon be in touch to find a solution to your junk issue!


March 27, 2017